Belated gallery from @BespokedUKHBS

As ever I have been meaning to get this gallery up for ages but life as ever gets in and changes my priorities. Had a great trip down to Bristol with my youngest to check out Bespoked this year. Why Bespoked and not one of the other main stream venues/events? Well, I am looking in to what I might want to do should the oil industry take an even bigger hit than it already is, as well as what I might enjoying doing when age dictates that I should really be slowing down (fat chance of that).

Had some great conversations and input from the guys at Fields Cycles (@Fieldcycles), Saffron Frameworks (@Saffronframes) amongst my others; it is a great community and I really appreciate the input and honesty.

Can see the gallery below (please note I was playing with a borrowed camera and made a complete mess of the first days pictures so grabbed these on the second day) … read this as my photography needs serious work. Anyway enjoy … sorry not everything is in here. If you like what you see then Bespoked 16 dates are up (
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