This blog is intended to be a reflect of the various facets of my life which can be categorised in several different ways.  These areas will tend to be the main areas focused on here and should I get it all working properly there should be the appropriate headings to follow to get more details of these.

Husband and Dad

I have an amazing wife who agreed to go on a lifelong adventure with me in 1995 and over the subsequent years have added three boys to the team; adding much fun and colour.  This is a major part of my life and so inevitably has to have it’s own part of this blog.


I realise that this is somewhat counter cultural but a large part of my life does evolve around being a Christian and so a large part of this blog will cover some of the things that as a family we are involved in and are important to me.


I have always cycled and hopefully always will.  This is not the only activity I do but is the one I do the most and put the most into so this will likely fill the gaps around everything else (and might also take over at times).


When I look back on it I fell into this more than I ever planned it.  As things have turned out it is something that I very much enjoy and though I do not see it getting much exposure here it may well crop up every now and then and will affect how I approach things.

Anyway feel free to look around.



I know I´ve slowed down a bit over the years but there´s no need to name a tortoise after me. Hope you are having a great time.
Pops & G/ma. XXX

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