Recycling for Cyclocross

Winter in Northern Scotland is a real issue when you want to commute everyday; believe me when I say I try every year to cycle all through the winter and over the last couple of years I have nearly managed it. Winter has been kind for the last couple of years. Ice is however inevitable, and as some of my key roads don’t even make the “b” list, the gritter is something of a myth they could only dream of. One hill in particular is suicidal, as I have found out on several occasions, and so I resign myself to a turbo trainer in the garage and feel like I am wimping out. This is never helped by the regular postings of people racking up miles on the Rapha Festive 500 or other events.
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Belated gallery from @BespokedUKHBS

As ever I have been meaning to get this gallery up for ages but life as ever gets in and changes my priorities. Had a great trip down to Bristol with my youngest to check out Bespoked this year. Why Bespoked and not one of the other main stream venues/events? Well, I am looking in to what I might want to do should the oil industry take an even bigger hit than it already is, as well as what I might enjoying doing when age dictates that I should really be slowing down (fat chance of that).

Had some great conversations and input from the guys at Fields Cycles (@Fieldcycles), Saffron Frameworks (@Saffronframes) amongst my others; it is a great community and I really appreciate the input and honesty.

Can see the gallery below (please note I was playing with a borrowed camera and made a complete mess of the first days pictures so grabbed these on the second day) … read this as my photography needs serious work. Anyway enjoy … sorry not everything is in here. If you like what you see then Bespoked 16 dates are up (
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