Its all about conflict at the #marriagecourse tonight

Cannot believe it is already week three of The Marriage Course; tonight we will be looking at how to deal with conflict. Last week we had a great evening looking at communication, especially focusing on effective listening, one of the tools that is taught that helps us understand our partners feelings and needs.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this short from Jason Headley that summarises communication so well; what would you do?

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The Marriage Course

Whatever people say about their marriage, it can always be better. Emma and I are gearing up for our next marriage course and I find it so frustrating when couples tell me they are too busy, or don’t think it is important; they are missing the point and probably the most likely people that need some time out and an opportunity to focus on each other.

The marriage course is an amazing opportunity to invest in your relationship. A typical evening starts with a great main course being served at 19:00. Individual tables mean each couple gets their own space to relax and catch up on what has been happening during the day and know that what they talk about during the evening will only be heard by their spouse or partner.

The Marriage Course Formula
The Marriage Course Formula
Each evening has a specific focus with a talk run either from a DVD or done live by Emma and I or some of our other hosts. Throughout the evening there are small exercises that each couple does between themselves that draws on what has been spoken about; atmospheric music at this point makes sure that nothing is overheard from table to table. At some point there is a longer exercise and during this we would bring out tea, coffee and a pudding, if you weren’t quite full before you will be now.

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