Crumbs chief!

Crumbs chief!

Has it seriously been over a year since I last made a post; I guess so.  As you can guess other things have taken over my life, most of which has been focussed around family of which I will be able to hopefully share more about this later in the year but at present I cannot really share much; though it is all good.

Work has been crazy as a result if changing role as well as traveling to and from India. The other major part of the last year however has been my recovery after being hit by a car whilst on my commute home.

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Cyclings April 1st Offerings

It’s been a while since I have seen any truely good April 1st prank postings or news stories; I still measure everything by spaghetti tree standard.  Here are a couple that popped up yesterday that certainly made me smile.

Enjoy the reading, leave comments for any others that you might of come across.