#Festive500 Day 3 Ride

One of my unknowns before setting out on this #Festive500 thing was the consecutive mileage.  Whilst I am happy with a one day sportive and also manage to do 50km a day, everyday for my commute, I was not sure about the pulling off a large amount of mileage in such a short space of time.  The first four days at least allow me to have some initial days off to break myself in; I can ride the first day, the Christmas Day is definitely a no-no, then ride on Boxing Day and then a rest day with Church and friends.  after that it’s open season to finish off whatever remains of the 500km.  So far this has worked; when I got on the bike this morning I felt great, no tiredness or fatigue (other than the time I was leaving the house) and so felt really positive that this is going to be achievable; weather permitting.

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