#Festive500 Day 1 The Plan

Well here is the plan for tomorrow. I have ridden most of these roads before, the main difference here is that it follows the gritting routes; I am keen to see how it works out; it is pretty much an out and back loop, however going further inland both means lower temperatures and more climbing. Last year that would not of been an issue but want to pace myself this year.

Weather dependent this is a great coastal ride and I should catch the sunrise on return leg. Plan on heading out around 6am. Christmas day is obviously a no go area as far as family is concerned so looking to get the average miles for the next two days out of tomorrows ride.

Will keep you posted … if the weather is not too cold I will throw out some pictures from the ride (something that I usually struggle to do as I never want to actually stop) once it gets light enough.

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