#Festive500 Day 5 Ride

So my main target is to try to catch up on the mileage as Boxing day was cut short due to the appalling weather.  The hope was that it would be dry and my hands would function for the ride.  A quick check of the temperature; 8°C, perfect, quick look outside foggy.  Why is it that whatever the forecast there is always a potential complication.  So a quick change to the kit and head downstairs.

I am surprised at the different things that can potentially throw you off course.  The route was set, porridge on and let the dog out … only this time she decided to go walkabout.  So its 05:45, the dog has decided she wanted to take herself off for a walk and I’ve used up pretty much all much brownie points with my wife for this challenge.  So I have two options; can the ride and look for the dog or wake the wife and head out on the bike.  Which do I choose?  The dog has done this a few times before, and we know that she is good at hiding when she does;t want to be found.  Food however is the best lure and so we know she will come back around breakfast and so after a quick chat with my wife, we agree that I can set off.

The one thing I have found with fog is that even in very low light you are better off without the front light, so rear light on and front light ready if anything comes the other way I head off.  Temperature is good and a little damp but ok.  I knew the wind was going to pick up through the morning so the quicker I could get the Brechin and head back home the easier it would be and the swifter the return leg would be.

I finally managed to get a couple of snaps en route with my hands finally in a comfortable state.  As you can see it was only later on did it get clear enough to grab any shots.

For such a small place, Fettercairn is a little but of a cycling hub.  Not only is it a thoroughfare between Stonehaven and Edzell or Brechin but also gets people cycling over Cairn O’Mount from Banchory and the staple pit stop is the Fettery Shoppe; a quick chat, some water and something savoury to munch as an alternative to gels, then back on the bike and head to Brechin.  If your here between May and September you get grab quick tour.

Forgetting the fact that I have the Garmin on the bike, I usually remember the route without needing a reference or map.  But Brechin has me stumped.  I cannot get the extra loop that takes me around Montrose basin and as a result the ride ended up about 10km short. So the return leg was pretty swift and for once the weather kept pretty clear.  I had hoped that I could break the 400km mark but in the end the tally today is now 390km.

A big storm is heading in on Tuesday night and will be here through Wednesday and if I want to be awake for the new year then I do not want to be getting up early on Thursday so a back to back ride it is and to keep it simple I am going to just do a couple of loops as I did on Boxing day and somewhere along the way I need to add a little extra in to make up the missed 10km from today.  This will be the first back to back day after quite a bit of mileage that I am not sued to so will see how I do.

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