#Festive500 Day 6 Ride

Last day!  I cannot believe after the first couple of days how much the weather has changed.  Overcast but warm and dry, perfect conditions for this time of year though better get my skates on because storm Frank (yes that really is the name of the storm) is heading in.  The turnaround in the morning has quickly become a routine; I have shut the side gate so the dog cannot go walkabout much to her disappointment.

A quick chat on the Stonehaven Cycle Club Facebook page the night before has come up with one potential candidate who may join me on my second lap in the morning.  A 6am start is a little too early and so I head off with the hope that I might have some company for the last 50km or so (no promises though).  For once I actually feel rather warm as I set off and its only once the skies clear does the temperature drop a little and I feel comfortable.

The plan is that I would do the longer section of my first lap before stopping by Mackie Academy in Stonehaven to pick up anyone joining me and then carry on towards the next lap.  It turns out however that I am going to finish this challenge on my own and though I was looking forward to some company I was feeling pretty strong considering the distance to date and it quickly became a countdown in tens of kilometres until it came down to single figures.  In the end I had to stop and grab a shot of the Garmin with the final distance logged to complete the challenge.  As you can see by the time I finished up I had the first blue skies from eh entire challenge.  All in time before Frank made his appearance.

Obviously all this cycling has meant the dog is feeling left out and has needed to go on her own, I decided it would be good to take her out and so after dropping the elder two boys in Stonehaven we headed off to the beach for a walk, which had to be accompanied by a sorbet from Aunty Betty’s.  The waves had already been pounding away all day and this is only going to pick up later, but enjoy the walk we both did.

Thanks to Rapha for pulling this challenge together again this year.  After a disappointing year on the bike due to work and travel this challenge has helped give me a satisfying end to the year.  If the weather had truly turned wintery I think it would be too much, especially considering how hard the first two rides were; we will see what next year brings.

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