Intrigued by the new Rapha Shadow kit

More than ever at the moment I am interested in simplifying the cycling kit that we/I ride in. It easy to watch the classics and grand tours and envy the kit they ride in, but there is a practicality in riding on your own or in small groups that does not include team or service cars or Soigneurs handing out food drinks, changes of clothes, new wheels, etc.

I often spend more time trying to work out the best clothes I might need for a long ride than I do on the actual ride. This is definitely the case living in Scotland where the weather can be all seasons in 10 minutes, let alone 5 hours.

My interest had already been peaked last year with the softshell base layers; effectively helping to negate the rain jacket and this appears to take it a step further. I will be keeping an eye out for updates and reviews on this kit (it’s a while before my budget will let me delve in myself).

Here is Rapha’s latest video release.

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