#Festive500 Day 3 Ride

One of my unknowns before setting out on this #Festive500 thing was the consecutive mileage.  Whilst I am happy with a one day sportive and also manage to do 50km a day, everyday for my commute, I was not sure about the pulling off a large amount of mileage in such a short space of time.  The first four days at least allow me to have some initial days off to break myself in; I can ride the first day, the Christmas Day is definitely a no-no, then ride on Boxing Day and then a rest day with Church and friends.  after that it’s open season to finish off whatever remains of the 500km.  So far this has worked; when I got on the bike this morning I felt great, no tiredness or fatigue (other than the time I was leaving the house) and so felt really positive that this is going to be achievable; weather permitting.

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#Festive500 Day 1 Ride

Am writing up day #1 from the comfort of the sofa on Christmas Day whilst checking weather and route for tomorrows leg.  Truth be told I learned a fair bit yesterday on the bike; some things good, some things not so good.

One thing I confirmed was that I am definitely not as fit as I was a year ago, something I definitely need to work on this coming year; even with potentially loads of business travel.
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To #Festive500 Or Not?

There are so many reasons why the #Festive500 is a bad idea:

This time last year I was at the peak of fitness, had done my first road race and also my first time trial, and had managed to get a consistent amount of time on the bike, this year has been the complete opposite. My first day back after the Christmas break this year was a taste of the year to come; oil prices had crashed enough for most of our contracts and potential look ahead to disappear over night, a year of growth turned in to a year of cutting back. The one positive outlook for work was a project have been working on in India, and over the year I have spent a large amount of time travelling back and forwards and this has completely hijacked my plans for focussing on time trialling, in fact any time on a bike. In fact I have only managed to get out on the time trial bike four times this year. As a result my fitness is far from where I would like it to be.
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Recycling for Cyclocross

Winter in Northern Scotland is a real issue when you want to commute everyday; believe me when I say I try every year to cycle all through the winter and over the last couple of years I have nearly managed it. Winter has been kind for the last couple of years. Ice is however inevitable, and as some of my key roads don’t even make the “b” list, the gritter is something of a myth they could only dream of. One hill in particular is suicidal, as I have found out on several occasions, and so I resign myself to a turbo trainer in the garage and feel like I am wimping out. This is never helped by the regular postings of people racking up miles on the Rapha Festive 500 or other events.
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