Here we go again

Day 2 of the holiday club. Epic.
Younger kids: very much similar to yesterday, we opened this morning with some classic party games, a variation of duck duck goose and musical chairs went down a storm as well as some ‘handy’ crafts as the children decorated foam cut outs of their hands. And this afternoon we had some great fun with finger paints… Although it may have turned more into ‘let’s get as much paint on one sheet of paper as possible’. However, the children were so much calmer today and we were able to get a lot more one on one time.

Middle aged group: After starting the day with some worship, we progressed with a paper aeroplane competition. The kids loved it and the winners got to pie the team leaders (Hattie, David and Ali) with shaving foam. This was very exciting. We then continued with another game, this involved a maze of string which the kids had to navigate through, easily the best game of the day. To end the day we wrapped it up with some crafts and the children got to draw on/design their own T-Shirts. A great day, with the team feeling happy at the end as well.

Older guys: to keep it short and sweet our day was once again quite chilled out. Lots of chat, a couple really creative games and the all important talent show prep! So tomorrow we are having a talent show and we have split into groups to perform. Let’s say things are getting serious. We have some dancers, singers and even a puppet show going on!

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Hectic highs and chilled vibes

Today was the day. The start to the holiday club.
The children arrived pretty early, around 9:30, and we split into groups pretty soon after. The youngest group merged with the middle group cos there was only three of them at the start. We played loads of games such as parachute and relays and the kids loved it, although energy levels were off the Richter scale and we were stretched to say the least. At this moment a special shout out is defiantly needed to our unexpected translator, Ella, who is a partially resident teenaged Australian. Lunch time was amazing, Dave and his guitar jamming out some classic tunes really brought everyone together, and the afternoon was a lot more peaceful with the youngest kids making crowns.

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Hannah’s holiday highs (HHH)

As I’m sitting writing this blog with the sun kissing my skin I reminisce upon the highlights of the trip that I have experienced so far… (Chloe Purdie’s beautiful description)
One highlight of the week so far has definitely been just meeting all these new people and making new friends, last night we went out for dinner with Paulin (the pastor) and his family at a lovely resturant in town where we dined on some divine delights such as ELA’s special pizza and fergeze with veal meat, it was so wonderful to talk to Paulin and his family and they were so friendly and welcoming.

Another certain high of the week so far has definitely been meeting all the kids and getting the club started today. The children were incredibly friendly and greeted us with big hugs and kisses. Despite the language barrier, so many sweet moments were able to be shared between leaders and the children and I’m sure as the week progresses these moments will become even more frequent.
It has been such a blessing to be able to come here and see how God is working in people’s lives. In a place so different from our home it reflects the glory and consistency of God that he is so present and powerful here.
Can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes, as my tan progresses I’m hoping to come back looking positively Puerto Rican!

On the first day…

After a brief recovery from last nights extended ‘adventure’, most of the morning was spent playing football, eating, sweating and complaining about the heat. We also discovered a tortoise in the yard and he has been nicknamed Tony. After lunch, comprising of watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and bread, we piled into the van and headed over to the children’s home. The kids were fantastic and we all managed to play games, learn some simple Albanian and attempt to drink “Lahl”: natural yoghurt diluted in water.

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You have arrived at your destination

So after a rather prolonged journey, we finally arrived in Tirana at 3:30am!!! Although we were all still in very good spirits and managed 5 solid hours of sleep before breakfast this morning.

Unfortunately, Hannah has not been feeling to good and has spent the whole day in bed with a band cough and sore stomach. Please pray for healing!

Will keep you posted later on today’s events.
Thanks for the support.
Ben, Barney and George

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