So… 12 hours to go

And the excitement builds!

Leading up to our departure some of the guys have had heard from God in different ways. There has been a general kind of feeling when praying: that God’s love in particular will be at the heart of this trip, and we can be walking, talking representatives of this love.

A cool story to start would be this one from the youngest member of our team, Chloé Purdie:
When praying as a team on Sunday, she asked to God to show her something and in response she felt like she heard the word “Ruach”. At the time she had no idea what this meant and so she she asked God to show her something else. Then she had a picture of the wind blowing the branches of a tree in one specific direction. She felt God used this to show her that He will take lead in Albania and the we just have to trust and follow him. After this, Chloé asked the meaning of Ruach to discover that it means “wind of the spirit”….. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Now that the trip is getting pretty close and I’m sure everyone is very excited, please keep us in your prayers and specifically pray for our safety when travelling tomorrow.

Will keep you posted daily 🙂
God Bless
Ben and Barney

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