Cairn O’Mount Ride Summary

Got to spend a bit of time out on the bike this morning, so headed out early and got the best of the day (weather wise). Actually managed to make myself stop to take a few photos en route, which I posted as I rode and have also added below.

You can check out the route here. Certainly did not manage this one quickly; in fact was starting to worry a little as we were heading out to a wedding just after lunch and after leaving early the total ride took me five and a half hours. It was fantastic though if not a little cold still.

The Challenge Bucket List

I am going to start this post of with a disclaimer based on all those pictures that are going around about “What I Really Look Like.” I am not an athlete by any means; I just like cycling.  I try and set myself one challenge a year to give me something to aim for and keep me out as much as possible in those long winter months.

I’m going to start this off as a post but it will probably end up as a separate page at some point or another once I finally get my act together.  Some of this list is achievable and some is serious pie-in-the-sky-may-never-happen but we can all dream.  I have a few ticked off already, but on the whole there is still loads to go:

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Cyclings April 1st Offerings

It’s been a while since I have seen any truely good April 1st prank postings or news stories; I still measure everything by spaghetti tree standard.  Here are a couple that popped up yesterday that certainly made me smile.

Enjoy the reading, leave comments for any others that you might of come across.