Suffer for a Cause

So, as ever it has been ages since I posted anything on here.because life never gets any quieter.   As a result of this never ending busyness with work, family and church I have not had a chance to post something that is rather important to me.  In a couple of weeks time I will be doing “The Tour of the Highlands” …. Again.  This year is slightly different though in that I am raising money for Integrate Scotland and I would really appreciate your support.  Yes I have set a stupid target to raise (if possible) but it would be fantastic to achieve it so please support in whatever way you can (click on the logo below).  I am far from fit based upon how full life gets and finally whilst last years weather was almost perfect; with Scotland you just never know, its not too late to snow.  So please give your support whilst I blow a gasket getting over some of the killer climbs at this end of the country.

Thanks in advance,


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Integrate Scotland

Reminiscing Ullapool Mor

I don’t know what it is about a race or sportive that gets me so uptight and nervous, they just do. I am definitely not the most objective person leading up to the starting line as my wife will confirm. I guess it comes down to the lack of experience and the number that I have done (two); whereas I have no issues heading out in the morning for my commute with just a glance at the outdoor temperature and what it looks like. I feel that I might be getting there now after a great weekend in Ullapool.
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