Planning needs work


As much as I have to plan in my day to day work I have completely failed again.  I pre-registered to do the Etape Caledonia  way back last year (in May 2012 in fact) and got the pre-release entry opportunity quite a while ago (last November even) and entered with gusto and there my forward planning and thinking took a rest until yesterday, when, due to the fact that another 4999 have also entered and thought about accommodation earlier, means that I am having a nightmare finding somewhere to crash the night before.


To make matters a little more complicated I am meant to be in London the following day for the HTB Leaders Conference and so need to get my bike back home as well as appear ready and awake at the Royal Albert Hall.  My wife, have I ever mentioned how fantastic she is, rang round, what feels like half of Scotland, to get me somewhere to crash on Saturday before the race.  She did eventually find me something and I have to head home, drop the bike off and then get a red eye the following morning.

I am looking forward to doing this sportive, though I do need to get in a few longer rides before then.

Then to cap it all off after getting back late on the Thursday it is the Baker Hughes 10k in Aberdeen on Saturday and my office has a team.  So after all this I am wondering if I am able to really plan after all.