Tour of the Highlands Lookahead?

Was originally gutted to have missed out on the Tour of the Highlands (TOTH) three day event, but then delighted to be one of the lucky (???) few to get a second chance just before Christmas; so signed up and ready to go. This latest update of some of the route posted on the event Facebook book page gives a really good idea of what my #festive500 was like along with the current daily commute.

Get those winter (nautical) miles in. But stay warm and safe out there. Lots of debris and water on the TOTH roads.

Posted by Tour of the Highlands on Monday, 4 January 2016

#Festive500 Day 6 Ride

Last day!  I cannot believe after the first couple of days how much the weather has changed.  Overcast but warm and dry, perfect conditions for this time of year though better get my skates on because storm Frank (yes that really is the name of the storm) is heading in.  The turnaround in the morning has quickly become a routine; I have shut the side gate so the dog cannot go walkabout much to her disappointment.

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#Festive500 Day 5 Ride

So my main target is to try to catch up on the mileage as Boxing day was cut short due to the appalling weather.  The hope was that it would be dry and my hands would function for the ride.  A quick check of the temperature; 8°C, perfect, quick look outside foggy.  Why is it that whatever the forecast there is always a potential complication.  So a quick change to the kit and head downstairs.

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#Festive500 Day 1 Ride

Am writing up day #1 from the comfort of the sofa on Christmas Day whilst checking weather and route for tomorrows leg.  Truth be told I learned a fair bit yesterday on the bike; some things good, some things not so good.

One thing I confirmed was that I am definitely not as fit as I was a year ago, something I definitely need to work on this coming year; even with potentially loads of business travel.
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