The @hopeforjusticeintl #hfjexetreme challenge team has arrived

So after five or so months the team has finally come together in Cambodia to do the #hfjextreme challenge.

This is the first time most of us have met face to face and we are all really excited about the week to come. Everyone has slowly arrived through the day and taken time to recover from the long journey. A team briefing in preparation for the day to come and a meal together has been a great end to our first day here.

Tomorrow we will your some of the main projects that @hopeforjysticeintl are doing. I am sorry in advance but there will be no details/pictures on this here due to the sensitive and personal nature of the situation and trauma experienced by the girls and women they are rescuing. I will see what I can post.

Then on Tuesday the #hfjextreme challenge starts on earnest. Any way, after a long trip and am heading to bed for the night. See you all tomorrow.


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