A word or two.

David here, been asked to talk about my experiences/expectations this week so here it is.

I guess I came out to Albania hoping to meet with God and be used for something big, but also looking forward to spending some time with the lads, and have fun with kids.

Mornings and evenings have been especially good. I made an effort to get up early and read my Bible, and this has led to some great times of prayer and more of an understanding of the Bible. The mornings worships have also been incredibly good with a clear sense of Gods presence when the group were praying.

Today we all came together at the club and sang a few songs. The most successful being ‘How Great Is Our God’, with both Albanian and English being sung. I loved this and it really brought that sense of a family of Christians world wide.

Although it is not necessarily relevant, I have also enjoyed ‘sofa’ chats with the lads in the evenings. The decent chat has been a great way to end the day and even now I am laughing. God is so evident here in the relationships with the team and the kids.

Let you know more later, possibly?



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