This blog is intended to be a reflect of the various facets of my life which can be categorised in several different ways.  These areas will tend to be the main areas focused on here and should I get it all working properly there should be the appropriate headings to follow to get more details of these.

Husband and Dad

I have an amazing wife who agreed to go on a lifelong adventure with me in 1995 and over the subsequent years have added three boys to the team; adding much fun and colour.  This is a major part of my life and so inevitably has to have it’s own part of this blog.


I realise that this is somewhat counter cultural but a large part of my life does evolve around being a Christian and so a large part of this blog will cover some of the things that as a family we are involved in and are important to me.


I have always cycled and hopefully always will.  This is not the only activity I do but is the one I do the most and put the most into so this will likely fill the gaps around everything else (and might also take over at times).


When I look back on it I fell into this more than I ever planned it.  As things have turned out it is something that I very much enjoy and though I do not see it getting much exposure here it may well crop up every now and then and will affect how I approach things.

Anyway feel free to look around.



I know I´ve slowed down a bit over the years but there´s no need to name a tortoise after me. Hope you are having a great time.
Pops & G/ma. XXX

Mike du Plessis

Just a quick one after your blog post, its a good read to hear a bit more and see photos of your bike, but sounds like a horrific accident and a tiring and long recovery. The physical part of it sounds really tough, but it also sounds like it would be mentally challenging to say the least. In terms of insurance companies and claims, are you aware of Cycle Law Scotland? I have heard many reports of praise across social media, and just thought I cant not mention them for when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

Mike Wooldridge

Mike, I appreciate your comments and thoughts. Years ago I joined CTC, now know as Cycling UK, as one of the benefits was legal support in case of an incident. After the accident I got in touch with them and they have provided my legal support completely free (to me that is, I am sure the drivers insurance will pay there bill as part of the claim). I would recommend to anyone that rides that they join either Cycling UK or British Cycling (incl. Scottish Cycling), or both as there are many benefits you get form the membership including legal support. The actual cost is minimal but overall gives such a piece of mind.

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