Beach babe

The beach. The glaring hot sun beating down on burning bodies as some turn to the waters and others head for the volleyball court. However this was certainly not the scene when we first arrived at the beach. With the beach undergoing the aftermath of last nights storms we met a light drizzle with heavy cloud cover. With thunder storms looming in the distance we were sceptical about our day on the beach. But just half an hour later and the skies were clearing, the temperature soared and we were off!

Football, volleyball and swimming all followed and provided us with a fantastic day of relaxation with the children from the home. We then returned to the church and have now had 2 hours to chill before church this evening. We are all very excited for tonight’s service, although singing in Albanian could be fun…

Everyone is doing much better today, no reports of illness now besides the odd cough. Thank you for all the prayer support.

Barney and Ben



jonathan Simpkin

So glad you are feeling better Barnaby. Singing in Albanian sounds fun. Maybe God will give you all the gift of tongues. The sun coming out was just right. Thank you God! Sounds like a good day at the beach for all. Have a great time tonight! Team Simpkin

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