Chloe’s joyful adventures!

The past few days have been crazy and unforgettable. I was leading the group of teenagers with Ben, George and Dave for the holiday club- I’m pretty sure I enjoyed half the games more than the kids, it was like Mezzo all day for three days! The language barrier wasn’t such a problem for us as a few of the older kids spoke English well enough to understand what I was saying though I got told more than once to talk slower. By the end of today I had a personal level with a few if the kids which was great as I was able to chat to them comfortably and have a laugh. The kids are the most polite and lovely people I have met, each morning I was met with hugs and kisses from each child.

Last night we watched World Cup match with a group of Albanians, everyone supporting Germany apart from Toni- unfortunately it wasn’t the outcome he wanted!
Today we made loom bands with the children and they loved it!! One funny story was we had finished for lunch so we had stopped making loom bands and moved onto practicing for our talent show ( that’s a different story! ) So Dave was in this particular child’s group and had told him nicely that he had to finish the loom band he was making, it was his second. He said okay and then as soon as Dave looked away he carried on! So Dave said again that he had to stop making it. The child picked up the bands and said he would stop and then moved onto another table set it up and started making it again. So Dave said he would take away the loom. And if he didn’t stop is the child said he would stop, he sat down and under the table he carried on making the loom band!! So from this we assumed it was a big hit!
One last thing that is pretty exciting for me is that there are just tortoises walking about the grounds! It’s brilliant! I’m tempted to put one in my case and take it home but I’m pretty sure that’s animal kidnapping!
Have a great week all who are reading this and keep checking out this blog!
Love ChloƩ x



Jonathan Simpkin

Great to hear your news sounds fantastic keep it coming. Great to meet Tony the tortoise at last and see all your pictures. Hope you have a great day out today. From Team Simpkin x

Moyreen Whittaker

Well done , Chloe. We are very proud of you and all the team from City Churchl God Bless you all . Pop and Grandma

The rest of the Purdies

You always wanted a tortoise but happy that you realise kidnapping an Albanian one is maybe not one of your better suggestions. Glad to see Hannah looking better. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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