Church tonight

Tonight’s church was great fun! It was so amazing to see and hear people as they worshipped God in a whole other language. Paulin (the leader of the church) was speaking such a powerful message. We were given headphones with an interpreter speaking through them so that we could understand what was being said. It was pretty much like a full gospel preach talking about how God can be so much more alive in us when we devote ourselves to prayer and immerse ourselves in the bible and also tell others about Jesus, taking different verses from different passages to display this. It was so powerful for us to see such beautiful and enthusiastic worship (with 6 new people becoming Christians!) being lead in a country that only about 30 years ago was so heavily persecuted for Christianity, it really reinforced a feeling of just how strong God and his love is and how he can surpass any boundaries that may stand against his word being spoken.
There were a few really cool ways that God had repeated themes to us during the week and again through the service tonight, one being that the verse Isaiah 54 was spoken about in a morning meeting before the holiday club and also read by various people in the group by themselves and then was spoken tonight in the sermon. Another being that before the trip, a picture and verse about a shield of the spirit was spoken about by a member of the group and then tonight the armour of god (in particular a shield) was in the message which was really cool.
All in all it was such a great experience to see the church and we even managed to catch a glimpse of some Chuck and Taran look a likes!
Mire apafsheme folks!


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