Crumbs chief!

Crumbs chief!

Has it seriously been over a year since I last made a post; I guess so.  As you can guess other things have taken over my life, most of which has been focussed around family of which I will be able to hopefully share more about this later in the year but at present I cannot really share much; though it is all good.

Work has been crazy as a result if changing role as well as traveling to and from India. The other major part of the last year however has been my recovery after being hit by a car whilst on my commute home.

The Accident

Last November I was heading home as normal on my road bike.  It was a clear evening, though the darker evenings were setting in but as normal. I had my lights on with bright clothing as well as having another rider behind who was similarly well right with even brighter clothing on.  We were on the outskirts of Aberdeen, just coming in to Cults when a car, travelling in the opposite direction turned right, immediately in front of me.

I remember thinking “I can’t stop” as the car appeared in front of me. I do remember hearing a scream at some point, which was the other rider, after which the next thing I remember is getting up off the road. I am pretty sure I didn’t lose consciousness and am that I was not down for too long, as when I did get up I saw the car rolling down the road it has turned in to. My immediate thought was that they were not going to stop. They did however pull in and then get out to see the damage they had done. The other rider had gone on to the bonnet, smashed the windscreen and then been thrown on to the pavement and was on his hands and knees in considerable pain. At this point my own injuries were making their presence known and I lay out on the pavement.

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In some ways the other rider and myself were incredibly lucky as the flow of traffic we had been in was behind us rather than beside us and so as the incident occurred the drivers behind us had time to stop; otherwise I would have been trapped in between the car in front and the cars behind. This same drivers were also incredible and looked after myself and the other rider; calling the ambulance and just making sure everything was safe around us. I have no idea who they were but I am incredibly thankful for their support and kindness.

A little while later two ambulances arrived and took the other rider and myself up to A&E where they checked us out and sent both of us home. The other rider had six broken ribs (and subsequently a punctured lung) and after an x-ray of my scapula I was sent home with only soft tissue damage.

Without going in to a minute by minute account my overall recovery has been painful and very slow. I couldn’t work for November and December and at Christmas I went back for x-rays of my back/spine as I was still in significant pain, this however did not find anything untoward. I did a staged returned to work in January and have been back fairly full-time since February. I have been getting physiotherapy to help with the muscle damage and am now back on the bike, though longer distances are still something I need to work on.

It is now June and the days I ride are better than the days I don’t and so overall I am getting there but still have a little way to go before I am pain-free. The other rider is also much better and also getting out on the bike again. The driver was charged with careless driving, received a £400 fine and got 9 points on their license. I have just got an agreement on the value of the bike from their insurance and the injury claim is still going on.

So whilst I have not posted anything here, life has definitely been going on. Anyway that brings you all up to date with what has been happening. There are some other things coming up, but those deserve a post of their own so watch this space.

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