“Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go”

Today was our last day with the children from the kids home. We spent the whole day over there playing games, backing and hitting the town: #ladsontour. The boys went out to the park and got an ice cream which was great fun. Little Aleksi managed to drop his first ice cream instantly and did not bat an eyelid. However, when he had almost finished the second one which got on the house and spent half an hour eating, he managed to also drop it and this instilled a flood of tears… He is still incredibly adorable. The girls baked cakes, painted nails and did each other’s hair whilst we were out and by the time we were back it was already time to go. There were many hugs and tears from both mezzoers and the children, emphasising just how strong the relationship between all of us had been and it was a very moving time.

On a lighter note, at the beach yesterday Hannah stubbed her toe on a brick and it turned an ugly purple and hurt a reasonable amount… Today she walked into her door and hit the same toe during the incident. Poor Hannah was then found by Lucy ‘silently sobbing with pain’ on the floor. Thankfully, she seems to be fine now, although prayer is still a very good idea.

We are all very sad that tomorrow is our last day, but looking forward to making the most of it!

Also could everyone at home please pray for all the children as they go home to their families for the summer as for some this will not be a pleasant time.
Catch you later


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