Hectic highs and chilled vibes

Today was the day. The start to the holiday club.
The children arrived pretty early, around 9:30, and we split into groups pretty soon after. The youngest group merged with the middle group cos there was only three of them at the start. We played loads of games such as parachute and relays and the kids loved it, although energy levels were off the Richter scale and we were stretched to say the least. At this moment a special shout out is defiantly needed to our unexpected translator, Ella, who is a partially resident teenaged Australian. Lunch time was amazing, Dave and his guitar jamming out some classic tunes really brought everyone together, and the afternoon was a lot more peaceful with the youngest kids making crowns.

On the flip side the day with the slightly older kids was pretty chilled out, especially in the afternoon. Fun games were played, laughs were bountiful and moments were shared. It helped that the kids all had an alright grasp on English so that was no barrier to communication.

An especially cool aspect this group was that the guys coming from the local church had a clear passion for God. One particular child was very happy to find out we came from church because he wanted to talk about his experiences and faith and also have someone in more of a leadership role to show God to the rest of the group. This was incredible and totally caught me off guard! Even when planning for the talent show the kids wanted it to have a biblical message!! This has definitely given energy to the group and got us hyped for what this week could hold!!

So with thrills and spills the first day was definitely crazy and unpredictable but fun nonetheless. However one thing is for sure… This week is going to be awesome!!

Ben & Barney



Bryan Anderson

Thanks for writing up this blog. Its wonderful to read each day of what God is doing in you guys, and through you. This is a very special time for you all and our prayers are for more and more God moments for you all.
Keep the blog and the photos coming!
Bless you all
Bryan & Martha

The rest of the Purdies

Great to see the photos and hear what you guys are up to.
The rest of the Purdies


Aha ….. So there IS a blog….

Wonderful!! Lovely happy faces – May you all be a blessing and blessed!

Karen x

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