Here we go again

Day 2 of the holiday club. Epic.
Younger kids: very much similar to yesterday, we opened this morning with some classic party games, a variation of duck duck goose and musical chairs went down a storm as well as some ‘handy’ crafts as the children decorated foam cut outs of their hands. And this afternoon we had some great fun with finger paints… Although it may have turned more into ‘let’s get as much paint on one sheet of paper as possible’. However, the children were so much calmer today and we were able to get a lot more one on one time.

Middle aged group: After starting the day with some worship, we progressed with a paper aeroplane competition. The kids loved it and the winners got to pie the team leaders (Hattie, David and Ali) with shaving foam. This was very exciting. We then continued with another game, this involved a maze of string which the kids had to navigate through, easily the best game of the day. To end the day we wrapped it up with some crafts and the children got to draw on/design their own T-Shirts. A great day, with the team feeling happy at the end as well.

Older guys: to keep it short and sweet our day was once again quite chilled out. Lots of chat, a couple really creative games and the all important talent show prep! So tomorrow we are having a talent show and we have split into groups to perform. Let’s say things are getting serious. We have some dancers, singers and even a puppet show going on!

Some more highs from today would be our Skype call with the mezzo guys! It was cool just to say hi and have a quick Q&A. Today was full of laughs too especially when I managed to lock myself in the toilet:’).

Finally a few things that you could be praying for would be keep praying for Hannah and now Barney too as they are both now losing their voices and just having sore throats. In general just keep praying for a week filled with God and the Holy Spirit. We are just desperate to see these kids impacted to by God this week so it would be cool to have prayers for that too.

Anyway it’s time to return to this crazy game of football.

See ya. Ben, Barney and David


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