Holy Thunder

Day 5 of the trip and the team headed south to the mountainous town of Berat, where the children’s home began. It was a long day but was very memorable for us all.
Having spent the first few years of my life in Berat alongside the children in the home, it was quite emotional to go back. Familiar sights, familiar smells, familiar sounds. Walking up to the door where the children’s home used to be was a trip down memory lane, and it was so special to be able to share it with the rest of the team. It was like we had never really left.
After visiting Berat, we took Redon, one of the younger kids in the home, back to his family to spent the summer. We took the minibus as far as we could and walked the rest, up the mountain track to Redon’s house. It was an eye opener to say the least. We’ve all seen upsetting clips on TV during ‘Comic Relief’, ‘Children in Need’ etc but it’s not the same seeing it first hand. When watching from afar it is easy to disconnect: change the channel or distract yourself until the clip is over and it’s back to the comedy sketches and pop stars. It’s not the same when you can see this extreme poverty right in front of you. I know for myself I found it very upsetting, but it made me truly realise how fortunate and comfortable my life back in Scotland is. He had so little and we have so much.
Lucy Treasure

On a slightly lighter note, tonight there has been a torrential thunder and lightning storm. Let’s just say ‘singing in the rain’ is a good description of the events which followed.
Thank you for all the prayers! Hannah is much perkier today, Barney still having chest and breathing problems. Please pray for general welfare and heeling.

Anyway catch you later

Barney, David and Lucy

P.S. Sorry this is now a day late, the main wifi was fried during the thunderstorm. Please don’t panic if any of us are now less frequently replying to messages. Oh and Barney is now feeling much better today, just a small cough left.



Angeline Young (Hannah's auntie)

Great to read this blog and especially good to see the Treasure family outside those original doors of the children’s home! Fabulous. So glad it’s all going well

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