Hope for Justice Day 2 Extreme Challenge Complete

It has been a very long day. The regular schedule has now established itself where we meet for breakfast at 6am and need to be on our bikes ready to go by 7am so there is little time to prep in the morning.

The day can be broken into parts, first we needed to ride to the border, transfer to the border where we would say goodbye to our Cambodian guides, bikes and support vehicles. Walk through the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. Meet our new team, set up new bikes and then head towards our destination. About halfway through this we planned to stop at a nature reserve for about an hour. All in all it was a tight schedule to for in whilst assuming to ride in daylight.

One of our riders had a collision with a moped not long after we started. Likely no serious injuries but that did take about 40 minutes of our schedule.

Here is the ride we did in the morning (click here).

The morning ride was by far the hardest though overall the temperatures were down on yesterday. Some individuals struggled but the team has really come together.

It was a real shame to say goodbye to the Cambodian team, and so after saying goodbyes we transited through the border control and passed into Vietnam. It feels like quite a transition in many different ways; leaving behind the projects and people we have met and the pain and horror of the Killing Fields. You also notice very quickly a divide in terms of wealth between these two neighbouring nations.

The ride through Vietnam can be seen here.

It was a huge push through the afternoon to get home with discussions on finishing up early and transferring to the hotel, but everyone pushed through and we were able to make it to the hotel without a mishap.

I am sorry that there are not more photos but you will have to wait till I return and then I will post more for you.

Anyway this is the end of day 2. I will post a summary video tomorrow morning when I get up along with a route for the day.

Please remember that this is happening so that we can make a difference in ending slavery in Cambodia, Vietnam and else where around the world. Please give to this amazing cause. You can do that by going here … https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MikeWooldridge

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