Hope for Justice – Extreme Challenge Day 1

So that is day one complete; riding from the Killing Fields just south of Phnom Penh to Chisor Mountain Temple.

You can check out the Strava recording here.

Before we head out we did a tour of the Killing Fields memorial. It provides a clear and harrowing account of the genocide that occurred under Pol Pot’s regime. This does helps you to understand why the country is like it is. Personally I found this very difficult when you hear that 3 million were brutally murdered at this time. I will add photos later when I can download them from my camera.

After the tour we started the ride from the outside of this centre. The train was fairly mixed with a short length on roads, most of the ride however was a sorry tracks that where in some places pretty tough.

As expected temperature was the biggest challenge with an average of 32 degrees and a maximum of 37.

The team stuck mostly together for the entire route which was really nice as you could chat with most people through the day at one point or another.

I will add some galleries of pictures once I have access to more than my phone.

Tomorrow we leave Cambodia and carry on our journey in to Vietnam. Please keep following what is going on and support this amazing ride by clicking here.

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