Just another #BloodyCyclist statistic

Sitting on sofa, it’s 4am and waiting for the painkillers to kick in. Only a bruised rib or two and scraped shin but still trying to process what happened on commute home last night.

Left a little late from work for normal route home, so took the more direct way that I have cycled many times before. Was not long into ride and was I was pulling out onto a roundabout which always needs a quick pull away due to the traffic, when I suddenly found I was going over the handlebars. This happened really quickly, after which I came down on my right shoulder with what felt like no air in my lungs.

What I should of done, thinking back on it, was just stay there for a moment longer to gather myself. It was rather busy, and I was aware there were cars everywhere, so as soon as I could get some air in my lungs I moved myself and my bike to the side of the road. At this point I thought I had just come something stupid, I was pretty shaken and tried to work out what has happened. One driver, a young lady, had pulled over got out of her car and asked me if I was ok? I remember meeting something about just my pride being hurt and stupidly told her I was ok. I think she might of even asked me if I thought the car behind had hit me. Thinking it was my own ineptitude that had got me there I thanked her and sent her on her way.

Traffic was moving again and I started to get a proper look at my bike. The front left shifter was twisted where I had gone over the front. But other than that the rest of the front of the bike looked fine. That’s when I realised first that maybe something was amiss. The back end of the bike is a different matter. I use pinheads to secure the wheels to my bike, which are pretty much like bolting your wheels in. Well the back wheel had been pushed out of the frame, the mudguard plastic fittings were shear and my saddle looks twisted. I knew there was going to be no roadside fix (my head was not up to it anyway) so I called in the cavalry; my wife.

Emma appeared a little while later, I was still a little confused at this point, we loaded my bike in the car and headed home. For the record, she did ask me if it was worth going to A&E but I said I was fine and just wanted to go home.

I realised not long after getting home that I probably did need to get checked over and so I was bundled (with care) back in to the car and headed to A&E. Just before we headed off we pulled the bike out the car put it up on the workstand; I was now pretty sure the car behind me at the roundabout had rammed me from behind. On inspection my back wheel was buckled; this wheel was handmade specifically stronger to cope with years of riding poorly maintained roads – they don’t just buckle for no reason. A&E confirmed bruised ribs and sent me packing.

I am gutted now. Whoever it was in the car behind me never even got out of their car; as soon as I was out of the way, they drove off and I had not even had a chance to really take anything in let alone get a registration. Whats more, other than one driver, all the rest ignored the event. We always think of ourselves as the good Samaritan; in this case I was definitely the guy who got whacked. Yet to get a real good look at the bike but going to cost a small penny to fix and about six weeks of broken sleep whilst ribs mend. My faith in drivers at an all time low.


Mike Wooldridge

If anyone saw anything please let police know. The incident number is RT1302116.

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