National @cycletoworkday; it’s like a second birthday #challengeyourself

I am pretty sure I drive everyone mad with my non-stop obsession with cycling. Yet today I am officially allowed to ride, its great, it’s like a second birthday all over.

If you head over to cycle to work day website ( you can pledge some ride time today towards it. It’s not too late.

I put today’s commute in there and got the following output:

Mike, we’ve spent a long time working out that a 32 miles commute will achieve the following!

£9.18 saved every commute
1,489 calories burned
0.84kg of CO2 offset

I would love to see how they work that out and what’s included. As of last month I finally managed to get a complete year (other than the odd ride here and there) of recordings from my heart rate monitor for all my rides; the lion’s share is a result of my commutes to and from work. As of a couple of days ago my mileage for the last 365 days has been 3978 miles. Using the figures above as a reference that would mean:

£1,141,19 saved this year
185,101 calories burned
104.42kg of CO2 offset

That’s not bad at all for just getting to work. Surely, if your not already cycling to work it has to make it worth while considering if you can?

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