On the first day…

After a brief recovery from last nights extended ‘adventure’, most of the morning was spent playing football, eating, sweating and complaining about the heat. We also discovered a tortoise in the yard and he has been nicknamed Tony. After lunch, comprising of watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and bread, we piled into the van and headed over to the children’s home. The kids were fantastic and we all managed to play games, learn some simple Albanian and attempt to drink “Lahl”: natural yoghurt diluted in water.

Once we returned to the hotel Hannah seemed more perky and managed to join in with some jungle speed and uno. We split off into groups and planned for tomorrow’s holiday club. The day concluded with a trip out for an amazing meal and walk around the centre of town.

Photos from today will follow in the morning. Going to catch up on some sleep now though.

Ben, Barney, George and David



Jonathan Simpkin

Glad to hear you are having a great time. What did you eat at your “great meal” glad Hannah is feeling a bit better will continue to pray for complete recovery. Blessingtons! Team Simpkin

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