Spot the tourists.

The last day of our trip was spent touring Tirana, with an eye opening visit to the National History museum: including a section on the horror of the communist reign. Other than this we had a very relaxed and cheery day spent shopping, eating in the restaurant and watching the footy.

However, there was still some emotion as we walked through town when some small children, no older than 7, came desperately begging us for money.

Now we are packing to go so will leave a final sign off message at an airport.
Please pray for more safety as we fly home and that we would have no delays as we are all gonna need some sleep before Soul Survivor tomorrow.
God Bless
Barney and Ben


jonathan Simpkin

Will be praying for a swift journey home with no delays. From one adventure to another, and that all the luggage will arrive safely too. Having our last few minutes in the sun in Corfu before we fly home. See you tonight Barney and everyone else tomorrow at Soul Survivor. Bon voyage! Team Simpkin

Elaine Whittington

Been great keeping up with all your adventures. Safe travel and I hope you get some sleep before Soul Survivor tomorrow. See you there. Elaine W

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