Crumbs chief!

Crumbs chief!

Has it seriously been over a year since I last made a post; I guess so.  As you can guess other things have taken over my life, most of which has been focussed around family of which I will be able to hopefully share more about this later in the year but at present I cannot really share much; though it is all good.

Work has been crazy as a result if changing role as well as traveling to and from India. The other major part of the last year however has been my recovery after being hit by a car whilst on my commute home.

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Cyclings April 1st Offerings

It’s been a while since I have seen any truely good April 1st prank postings or news stories; I still measure everything by spaghetti tree standard.  Here are a couple that popped up yesterday that certainly made me smile.

Enjoy the reading, leave comments for any others that you might of come across.

Let the ramblings begin.

Black and White Portrait Image

Why am I here?  I will probably ask that question myself in a couple of weeks when I look at my diary and wonder if there is really time for this, however we shall see.  There are so many things that I tend to dip my toe into that are crammed like sardines into my life and I guess my hope is that this space will help me to capture the important bits in some way that will allow me to keep track of where I am.

I guess the main things that I will try and capture are those things that are important to me and as I start to work out how this whole blog thing works they will start to gather into different places.  In the mean time bear with me on this as I try and keep up.