What is it about being a law abiding #bloodycyclist that makes drivers mad? #wishihadaheadcam

I’ve been cycling all my life, and you get used to drivers in the sense that you don’t trust any of them. In general, I thank a driver if they wait till they get space to pass or are obviously driving with a cyclist in mind. Yesterday however got really interesting. I was cycling in to work along my normal route, it was a clear morning. I had just past a turning which often blocks the traffic and so the road was clear and I was going a reasonable pace when a large black pick-up decided to pull out of their drive very slowly right in front of me. My front light is on and I am in a (very bright) red jacket, so pretty obvious to see. I had to pull the anchors on and slowed so I was just on their inside passenger wing, in the cycle lane. Funnily enough, I expect this all the time and though I really would rather drivers didn’t do it this wasn’t the issue. I (gently) tapped the tailgate of the pick-up to let them know I was there, at which point the drive suddenly drove their pick-up towards me and the kerb; I really did not expect that. The thought of someone using there car as a weapon is something I have never experienced in many years of riding. The driver then sped off as fast as they could leaving me un-touched but definitely a little shaken by the side of the road.

With a quiet road; no other cars, no pedestrians and no head cam I have no proof at all. I have their registration plate and have raised an incident report with my local constabulary; but in honesty without any proof there is little they will/can do. Definitely time to invest in that head cam.


Mike Wooldridge

Got a very encouraging call from the Police this evening. They are keen to make sure a message is passed on to the driver even without any evidence; they are going to make a visit and see what happens. I just hope it passes on a message that you cannot use a car against a cyclist. Police were also keen that I use a head cam, which was very interesting. Apparently they get a lot of reports of poor driving and it would help in a lot of cases.

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